Mescaline Grove

Hidden Fern Forest

Tucked away in the verdant heart of Golden Gate Park, Tree Fern Dell, also known as Mescaline Grove, is a tranquil haven that remains one of San Francisco’s more serene hidden treasures. This secluded dell offers an enchanting escape into a world where nature reigns supreme, away from the urban hustle.

As you step into Tree Fern Dell, you’re greeted by the grandeur of towering tree ferns, some hailing from the distant rainforests of Australia and New Zealand. These ancient, lush plants form a natural, leafy dome, casting a cooling, dappled shade over the dell. It’s like being transported into a prehistoric forest, where time slows down and the modern world seems far away.

But the allure of Tree Fern Dell extends beyond its impressive tree ferns. The area is a rich, verdant mosaic of diverse fern species, ranging from the delicate Maidenhair to the sturdier Boston and Bracken ferns. Each step through this dell reveals a new variety of fern, each with its unique charm and beauty.

More than just a quiet retreat, Tree Fern Dell is also a vibrant spot for an array of outdoor activities. It’s a perfect setting for a peaceful picnic, where you can relax under the fern canopy. For bird enthusiasts, the dell’s rich plant life attracts a variety of bird species, creating a natural haven for birdwatching and listening to their melodious chirps.

Conveniently located within a brief walk from the main entrance of Golden Gate Park, Tree Fern Dell is easily accessible yet feels worlds apart from city life. It’s a must-visit destination for anyone in San Francisco, whether you’re a local seeking a moment of tranquility or a visitor eager to explore the city’s natural wonders. In a city famous for its vibrant streets and iconic landmarks, Tree Fern Dell stands as a peaceful, green sanctuary, offering a moment of quiet and a deep connection with nature amidst the bustling city.

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