Old Ship Saloon

Oldest Bar In San Francisco

The Old Ship Saloon, located at 298 Pacific Avenue in San Francisco, is a unique and storied establishment that offers a dive into the city’s rich maritime and Gold Rush history. This bar, standing since 1851, has a particularly intriguing origin story: it began life as a ship, the “Arkansas,” which ran aground during the Gold Rush era. Instead of being dismantled, the ship was converted into a bar, and thus, the Old Ship Saloon was born.

Walking into the Old Ship Saloon is like stepping back in time. The bar retains much of its historic charm, with elements that hark back to its nautical origins. The atmosphere is distinctly San Franciscan – a blend of the old and the new, where tales of sailors and gold miners mix with the conversations of today’s locals and visitors.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Old Ship Saloon is its history as a “shanghaiing” location. During the late 1800s, unsuspecting patrons were often drugged and whisked away to work on ships, a practice known as shanghaiing. Today, this dark aspect of its history adds to the intrigue and character of the place.

The bar offers a range of drinks and typical pub fare, making it a great spot to grab a bite and a pint while soaking up a piece of San Francisco’s past. It’s especially popular among history buffs and anyone interested in the city’s maritime legacy.

Situated in the heart of the historic Barbary Coast, the Old Ship Saloon is not just a bar; it’s a living museum and a testament to San Francisco’s ability to preserve its colorful and diverse history. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, stopping by the Old Ship Saloon for a drink is an experience that connects you directly to the adventurous spirit of old San Francisco.

Pacific Avenue 298
San Francisco 94111 CA US
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