Peephole Cinema

Silent Films Viewed Through a Small Hole In The Wall Of a Victorian Cottage

Peephole Cinema is a small, independent cinema in San Francisco that screens short films and video art through a peephole. The cinema is located in a storefront on Mission Street in the Mission District, and features a rotating selection of films that can be viewed by looking through a peephole in the door. Peephole Cinema was founded in 2005 as a way to showcase short, experimental films that might not otherwise be shown in traditional movie theaters.

The cinema has since become a popular destination for film enthusiasts and artists looking to showcase their work in a unique setting. In addition to its regular screenings, Peephole Cinema also hosts special events and workshops. Information about current and upcoming screenings can be found on the Peephole Cinema website or social media pages.

Orange Alley 280
San Francisco 94110 CA US
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