Big Eye Keane Paintings Gallery

Famous Surrealistic Portraits with Big Eyes

Margaret Keane is an American artist born in 1927, famous for her unique style of painting figures with large, exaggerated eyes. Her career took off in the 1960s, but it was marred by controversy as her then-husband, Walter Keane, falsely claimed credit for her work. After their divorce in 1965, Margaret publicly revealed she was the true creator, leading to a courtroom “paint-off” that Walter failed to attend. Margaret continued painting in her signature style and became recognized as an influential figure in pop culture.

Her life story was dramatized in the 2014 film “Big Eyes” directed by Tim Burton.

The Margaret Keane Art Gallery in San Francisco is a dedicated space that showcases the evocative work of renowned artist Margaret Keane. The gallery hosts a collection of her famed “big-eyed waifs,” featuring subjects with dramatically enlarged, emotive eyes.

Geary Street 349
San Francisco 94102 CA US
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