Japanese Tea Garden

Oldest Japanese Garden in The USA

The Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park is the oldest in the United States, created for the 1894 California Midwinter International Exposition as the fair’s Japanese Village exhibit.

The garden’s lush, harmonious landscaping pays homage to the traditional Japanese art of the garden. Paths wind through its three and one half acres of carefully chosen and manicured plants, including graceful Japanese maples, twisting pines, clipped azaleas, and cherry trees that put on a spectacular flowering display in March and April.

The grounds also feature a series of koi ponds, elaborately carved wood gates, many stone lanterns, a hundred year old five-story pagoda, a karesansui dry garden constructed of stones and gravel, a high-arching Drum Bridge (a joy for children and adults), a teahouse, and gift shop.

Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive 75
San Francisco 94118 CA US
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